The Stewart Leadership Book Series

Based upon the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model, created from interviews, coaching, training, research, and feedback from more than 20,000 leaders worldwide over a period of more than three decades, the Award-winning Stewart Leadership Series is a tool kit for the time starved leader.

Together these books are powerful tools with quick, easy to grasp, practical concepts that blend and reinforce the principles of a successful leader that will improve your leadership abilities and those of your organization. This model breaks down the essential 21 Leadership Dimensions of an effective and successful leader, and shows you, as the reader, how to capitalize on your strengths and stop your weaker areas from holding you back.

LEAD NOW!: A Personal Leadership Coaching Guide for Results-driven Leaders

LEAD NOW! is a practical, QUICK and easy-to-use RESULTS-BASED handbook for immediate help in every day leadership challenges. This handbook contains HUNDREDS OF EFFECTIVE TIPS AND TOOLS in 21 common leadership dimensions such as Communicating, Delegating, Team Building, Time Management, Strategic Thinking, Customer Focus, and many more all tied into a Personalized Coaching Plan.

52 Leadership Gems: Practical and Quick Insights for Leading Others

52 Leadership Gems contains a set of tested insights that will guide all leaders as they face today’s challenges. These Gems are tied into the essential 21 leadership dimensions of a successful leader. This book supports every phase of your company’s leadership development, team improvement, and one-on-one coaching. Each Leadership Gem is referenced to applicable Leadership Dimensions and color coded to the applicable quadrant in the LEAD NOW! Model. It is a powerful coaching toolkit for all executives, managers, supervisors, and future leaders.

52 Leadership Lessons: Timeless Stories for the Modern Leader

52 Leadership Lessons is a collection of entertaining and intriguing stories from nature, history, and business that inspire and drive critical and essential leadership principles for today’s current and future leaders. Each story is directly tied into the 21 essential leadership dimensions of successful leadership.

This book tells the story of each Lesson followed by the leadership application. The Lessons are labeled by the relevant Leadership Dimensions with which they are associated, and illustrate how to develop each dimension specifically. It is a powerful and motivational coaching toolkit for all executives, managers, supervisors, and future leaders.

As you explore the series, you will observe how the essential aspects of leadership are weaved together through coaching tips, gems, and lessons to provide a comprehensive and personalized leadership development plan that will be unique only to you. Successful leadership encompasses all 21 dimensions, and the series was written to help you leverage your strong dimensions and develop your weaker ones.  

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